Turtle Rescue

Spending a day out with friend can be very relaxing. It was sunny, warm with just enough breeze to keep us from feeling like we’re in an oven. I was talking with a couple of friends who showed up late when we heard someone asking for a knife.

Turning our attention towards the water we saw a guy who was spear fishing and he is standing next to a turtle he brought ashore. The animal had fishing line or part of a net wrapped around its front two flippers and head. Part of the line was also in its mouth which lead me to believe it might have swallowed a hook.

I ran back to my truck and retrieved my knife. The fisherman began to cut away the line around the left flipper and neck. He got most of it but when looking at the right flipper, we could see it was deeply embedded and cutting through. He didn’t want to pull on it fearing he might cause more damage. Meanwhile I called the Turtle Rescue at NOAA and left a message.


Mystery Fisherman Cutting Line Off

The fisherman had to leave but another beach goer came and had a thinner bladed knife. He was able to get the most of the remaining line off but not from the mouth. Turtle Rescue called back and I told them where we were. She said she could be there with her supervisor in about 60-90 minutes. I had to leave before they got there so didn’t know the final outcome.

A couple days later I saw a friend who was there and she told me they came and picked up the turtle. He might lose his flipper but at least he’ll be cared for. They came with a policeman so everyone had to cover up. I never did tell them it was a nude beach 🙂

I’m glad things worked out and a big kudos to the fisherman for helping out an animal in distress. If he didn’t take action the turtle most likely wouldn’t have survived much longer. I’m only sorry I didn’t get his name to give him proper credit.

If you see a turtle needing help, please contact the Turtle Rescue On Oahu call (808) 725-5730 M-F 7:30-4pm or 286-4377 after hours or on weekends & holidays.

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