Nudist Club

My beach buddy had invited me to a gathering that is hosted by a couple who started a nudist club. She told me they put on these events, usually at their home, about once a month. I’m not going to mention the couple’s name or the club because I never asked their permission to write about it. I liked the format they set up. They wanted to keep a one to one ratio of men to women so naturally couples got in as well as single women. Single men could sign up and would be “partnered” with a single woman if available.

The house was large in a well-to-do neighborhood. We were one of the first to arrive and I was impressed at the size of the back yard. It had a pool with a waterfall and two Jacuzzi’s. Lots of deck area to roam around and a designated smoking area. People brought their own alcohol although water and soft drinks were supplied. Eventually around 50 people showed up.

The median age was around 40 and most of the club members knew each other from attending these for the past several years. I saw a couple of familiar faces from the beach and one guy whose daughter played soccer with my daughter. He had been coming for a couple of years, I’m guessing around the time his wife passed away.

The day was hot and everyone spent time in the pool and under the waterfall.  I mingled a bit but mostly just watched the others. Just watching people having fun with others who were like minded. I noticed most of the fun was inside at the bar or over at the smoking section. Eventually we too ended up at the smoking section which wasn’t limited to cigarettes. 😉 I don’t partake but it was under a tent so I enjoyed the shade and people getting stoned. The party had a hippie theme and quite a few dressed up (or down if you prefer). There was music, massages and they even brought out avocado mud for people to put on.

I was surprised that quite a few of the people I met had never been to the nude beach. We talked to one gal and she mentioned that she will probably go the following weekend with a couple of her friends. That’s good because men always outnumber women at the beach. A few of us talked about going to Sand Island where there is a nude section but is generally frequented by guys. I had been a couple of times and it seems the guys are looking for some activity. We figured if a few of us started going regularly, we can change the vibe of the place and make it an alternative to driving to the North Shore.

Time had passed quickly and soon I had to leave. The party was going to run for a few more hours and the host was saying that’s usually when people are tipsy and a bit more “frivolous” with each other. My buddy and I didn’t stick around and really, that’s not why I went. I did sign up for their newsletters and got one about a nude sail that’ll happen in May. We had been talking about it at the party so we quickly signed up to get our spots. I’ll be writing about that afterwards for sure.

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