My Time at Polo Beach


When I discovered Polo Beach, it wasn’t in the same stretch of sand it is now. Before Y2K, after going down the trail you would turn left towards the polo grounds, hence the name. I frequented the beach and even took my daughter when she was just a baby. After she was a few years older, my wife thought it wasn’t a good idea to practice nudity around her. I agreed because children will say anything to anyone and we weren’t sure how accepting our family and friends would be to our lifestyle.

I stopped going for a few years because of soccer games and triathlons. When I returned, I went to my familiar place. During my time away, a TV series started filming at or near the polo grounds and the nude section shifted to where it is now. Of course, I didn’t know that on the first day back and laid out in all my glory with no one around. People on horses would ride by and after some time I began to feel uneasy. I sensed something wasn’t right. Looking down the beach I could see people and umbrellas. Picking up my things, I moved and found the new hang out (pun intended).

Showing up solo and with board short tan lines, I’m sure the regulars viewed me as a newbie. In a sense, I was, but I was an experienced newbie. In time, I got to know folks and though I like to keep to myself, it’s nice to socialize too. My main time there is on the weekends. Occasionally I’ll find time during the week to go and it can be a different crowd and vibe.

Don’t trust the weather where you live. Even on the way to Polo’s it might seem crappy. The weather at the beach seems to defy what’s going on around the island. It can be sunny on the sand while you watch it rain everywhere else. Whatever the day, whatever the weather, it’s just nice to get out and relax.

A hui hou

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