Sand Island

Had some free time so asked my beach buddy if she wanted to go get some sun today. She needed to get home early so suggested Sand Island. I’ve been a couple of times by myself, she had never been.

There were some guys there. They usually sit in the naupaka or rock wind breakers. We set up the sportbrella and a wind screen. Frankly, we were the only ones out in the open.

The sand is really fine and there was a light breeze. The sun came out which brightened a cloudy day. The surf was small and tide was high. It felt good to go for a dip although I didn’t swim too far out. In the water there are some loose rocks in the sand near shore but a nice sandy area a little further out before reef.

A modest crowd roamed the beach. Only a few got nude. Naturally we were part of the few. I always thought it was a nice stretch of sand, I just never liked going solo like I do at Polo’s. So it’s nice to have someone to go with. Close to town means a shorter drive and more sand time. It’s not the same as Polo’s which will always be my “go to” place, but it’s a nice alternative.


A hui hou

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