Going Down Under; Part 1

Got a chance to visit Australia again last February. The last time I went I only had 1 free day and weather was not good for the beach. This time I took a couple of extra days to explore what Sydney had to offer.

I really like Sydney, it’s easy to get around using their buses, ferries and rail. I visited the business district last time so this time I stayed across the harbor in North Sydney. My hotel at Kirribili was a 10 minute ride from the main ferry terminal The Circulay Quay.

Besides playing in the city, my mission was to visit a couple of the nude beaches there. Cobblers Beach was one and Obelisk Beach was an option. They’re close to each other, a few minutes walk, but Obelisk is a known gay beach. I don’t mind gay beaches and have gone to a couple at home. They are both at Middle Head at an old military post. I thought I would go to Obelisk first but when I got off the bus, I saw about a dozen guys heading towards the trail. I decided instead to go to Cobblers.


This way to Cobblers Beach!

Cobblers is a legal nude beach which made me feel at ease. When I got there, it was cloudy but nice. Mostly guys and two couples were out that morning. There were 3 boats anchored just off shore. The sand was fine and hard packed. It was ok but I couldn’t “form” it to my body like I can with the loose sand back home. Still, I managed to make myself comfortable. At one point, while laying on my belly, an iguana jumped on my back legs. I shook but he didn’t want to get off. I finally rolled over and he scurried away. The sun finally burned the clouds away and warmed my skin.


On the Rocks

I took some pictures, being careful not to point it at anyone but me. I tried some goofy poses and the locals must’ve thought I was nuts. Got to show proof I was there right?


Finally Getting Some Sun

Talking to one of the couples, they advised me not to go to Obelisk Beach. They said the guys there tend to be a bit more on the hunt when they see a single guy. Instead they told me about a beach across the harbor called Washaway Beach. They pointed at where it was but I couldn’t see it so that evening I googled it and decided to check it out the next day.

To be continued….

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