Going Down Under

Got a chance to visit Australia again last February. The last time I went I only had 1 free day and weather was not good for the beach. This time I took a couple of extra days to explore what Sydney had to offer.

I really like Sydney, it’s easy to get around using their buses, ferries and rail. I visited the business district last time so this time I stayed across the harbor in North Sydney. My hotel at Kirribili was a 10 minute ride from the main ferry terminal The Circular Quay.

Coffee house on the dock at Kirribili


Besides playing in the city, my mission was to visit a couple of the nude beaches there. Cobblers Beach was one and Obelisk Beach was an option. They’re close to each other, a few minutes walk, but Obelisk is a known gay beach. I don’t mind gay beaches and have gone to a couple at home. They are both at Middle Head at an old military post. I thought I would go to Obelisk first but when I got off the bus, I saw about a dozen guys heading towards the trail. I decided instead to go to Cobblers.

Cobblers Beach Sign
Nudity allowed on the beach!

Cobblers is a legal nude beach which made me feel at ease. When I got there, it was cloudy but nice. Mostly guys and two couples were out that morning. There were 3 boats anchored just off shore. The sand was fine and hard packed. It was ok but I couldn’t “form” it to my body like I can with the loose sand back home. Still, I managed to make myself comfortable. At one point, while laying on my belly, an iguana jumped on my back legs. I shook but he didn’t want to get off. I finally rolled over and he scurried away. The sun finally burned the clouds away and warmed my skin.

On the Rocks
On the rocks at Cobblers Beach

I took some pictures, being careful not to point it at anyone but me. I tried some goofy poses and the locals must’ve thought I was nuts. Got to show proof I was there right?

Cobblers Beach
On the beach at Cobblers

Talking to one of the couples, they advised me not to go to Obelisk Beach. They said the guys there tend to be a bit more on the hunt when they see a single guy. Instead they told me about a beach across the harbor called Wash Away Beach. They pointed at where it was but I couldn’t see it so that evening I googled it and decided to check it out the next day.

I had to take a ferry ride, a bus and then walk to the trail head. After searching for the correct side trail, I finally made it. Then I had to figure how to get down the cliff. I followed one person who took the wrong way. We got down but there was a much easier path. Only a handful of people were there but eventually they all left and I was alone. Once alone, it got a bit boring although I did stay to soak up the last bit of sun before hitting the trail. obviously I didn’t want to stay past sunset.

Wash Away
Solitude at Wash Away

Sydney is a fun city and reminds me of San Francisco. It’s on the water, has a famous bridge and North Sydney is hilly. It’s different too in that the roads are better and there are harbor ferries that rides like the bus all though the harbor. It’s a blast and I can’t wait to return.

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