World Naked Gardening Day

It’s Cinco de Mayo, May 5th and it fell on a Saturday. That means it’s also World Nude Gardening day. I can officially go out and be nude while in the back yard. I do it anyway but making it official just means I have an excuse.

The day didn’t start out too nice, cloudy with light rain. I decided to work on cleaning  the bedroom air conditioner. I took it apart (it’s a split system) and ran into a road block so I’ll have to wait till my friend stops by. Did some other chores before the weather turned decent.

Our back yard is semi private which means neighbors have to make an effort to look into the yard. I’m always nude back there and my elderly neighbor saw me once. She didn’t even bat an eye and we chatted for a minute. Not too sure if my other neighbors saw me but I wouldn’t be surprised.

So out I go and help my wife arrange her greenhouse on the side yard. The orchids need to be moved or they’ll get too much sun. We replanted some tomatoes and Bok choi into the outside garden. Some gardenia she stared from a cutting gave it’s first flower the other day and today had a couple more. She has the green thumb while mine is brown from digging.

A couple of gardenias

We’d moved to the back to clip some bushes that are starting to overgrow. I like it back here with the grass underfoot. There are a couple of large rocks we dug up while landscaping and they are now part of the rock garden. They are a nice corner of the yard.

Trimming a few plants

We have a nice home in a nice neighborhood with nice neighbors. We are truly lucky that we get to be nude in and around the house. I am fortunate that my wife puts up with my shenanigans. Spending a part of the day tending to our yard leaves me feeling good.

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