The Wall

Ok, I must admit that I’ve been in love with another woman. Really, it’s more of a fantasy. Marissa Papen is a Belgian born model who travels and photo shoots all over the planet. She is, in my view, one of the most beautiful looking women to date. Of course, since I’ve never met her, I don’t know what she is like personally. I think I read somewhere that ‘once you meet someone, the fantasy is over’. For that reason, I’m still in love with my wife.

So, I saw this picture the other day of Marisa posing nude in Jerusalem with the Wailing Wall in the background. I knew that might not go over well. Sure enough, there has been an outcry from the Jewish community. 


She had done something similar in Egypt a while back.

As much as I enjoy Marisa and her photos and the thing she stands up for, there are some things we shouldn’t test. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with the photos. She is artistic and the photo is not in the realm of pornography (although some might say otherwise).

Nudity is a reality check of who we are. Humans have come to degrade the human form to the point it has become a ‘sin’ to be naked in public. In some cultures, the women are made to cover up entirely. I appreciate and respect those cultures, even if I’m disappointed they don’t value nudity the way I do. We are all raised differently and that shapes our attitudes.

So when I saw that picture, I felt my heart skip a beat because of the range of morals it would provoke. In a way I felt sad because she had pushed the limits and would be chided for it and it is well deserved. I’m sure she knew what she was doing would cause an outcry from the Jewish community. What I don’t know is what she is trying to accomplish. Acceptance of nudity? Change in people’s attitude? Or just trying to gain publicity. Only Marisa can answer that for certain.

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