New Tree & Old Fence Posts

This year has been epic for winter surf. Huge wave would clean the beaches and bring in interesting things. One was an old bench like you see in the parks. It got moved up the beach and was a great addition until it disappeared one week.

The most attractive thing the storm surf brought us was a humongous tree. It first washed up near us but then moved a bit further down near the trail head. It is quite popular with beach goers climbing and posing for pictures, mostly clothed some not.

Tree King
I am the Tree King!
Our New Landmark

We’re not sure how long it will stay here but we are hoping it will be permanent. There is another tree on the opposite side of the nudist portion and it would be great to have them serve as boundary markers. The surf should be getting smaller and hopefully the summer waves will help anchor it in place.

Another, but less popular thing that our beach has is old metal fence posts that have over time, rusted and broken. The land owners would come and drive in new posts but not take to old ones out. When they surveyed the land, they found the fence was outside the property and had to move it back. That left the old fence posts which are at or just below the top of the sand. It is sharp and pointy like a spear. People step on them and get hurt really bad. When they are found, people will put a piece of driftwood on the tip so nobody else gets injured. My mission is to remove these “spikes” to make the beach safer for everyone to enjoy.

Spike Hunter

I’ve removed over a dozen of these dangerous posts and know a friend who removed a few more. There are less being found but the last two in the photo above were removed this past week. We are hoping that’s the last of them but folks still walk very carefully where the old fence line used to be.

On the bright side, IT’S SPRING!!

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is rising and staying out longer. Everyone is getting excited and we’re seeing more winter hibernators come out. This is going to be a great year at the beach!

A hui ho


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