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Bakers Beach

In late October, I traveled to the Bay Area during an unusually warm period. Temperatures were a comfortable 65°f during the evenings while day temps reached the lower 80°s. This was great news for me as I’m not a cold weather fan. Also, San Francisco is a fun city and easy to get around. Between BART and the Muni, you can get anywhere in the city you want to go. One of my favorite places is the Presidio. It’s beautifully maintained and there are lots of trails to hike and explore. For me, a trip to the Presidio isn’t complete without a visit to Bakers Beach.

Bakers Beach.jpg

Bakers Beach at the Presidio

Bakers Beach is on the Pacific Ocean side of the Golden Gate. That draws a lot of people who will venture to the eastern end of the beach for a closer view of the iconic landmark. Strangely enough, this is where the nudist section is. Tourist who want to get picture of the bridge will traverse along the beach where they get more to look at other than the bridge.

The beach is long and wide. It’s flat like what I’ve come to expect with most California beaches. The sand is fine and looks like it came from the surrounding hills. The nude area is flanked by rocks at the east end, stretching out westward (as far as you dare to go bare) and cliffs behind. The locals hang out near the rocky end with a volleyball net set up for impromptu games.

This would be the second time I’ve gone to Bakers, the first being when I did the Bay to Breakers race just over a year ago. I visited a few days in a row back then but the weather was cold and not very sunny. The day of the race was the best and I went to the beach right after (I did the race nude and wrote about it in another post). Even then there weren’t many nudist out and the vibe was not what I expected.

This time the weather was more to my liking. I visited the two days I had free and it was a much better experience. There were many more people out enjoying the late season temperatures. Nudist laid along the cliffs while others in the sand closer to the water. I chose to be somewhat close to the water near the volleyball net. I enjoyed the sound of the waves crashing while I laid and warmed myself. I don’t like to sit or lay for long periods so I’d get up and take a stroll every so often. I didn’t venture far, just to the rocky end and maybe a hundred yards the other way. I stayed up a way from the water so those who didn’t want to meet a naked guy face to face, wouldn’t have to. Naturally it’s a boost to the ego when girls and women smile my way. Even more so when they wave or say hi.


Golden Gate Bridge

I’m also a people watcher so the tourists and nudists were fair game. They came as couples, as groups and even families. Truthfully I enjoy seeing the families exposing their young to nudist and hopefully teaching them that there is nothing wrong with it and to accept their bodies as they grow into adults.

San Francisco has a lot to do so if you haven’t done so, I hope you get to visit and explore. There are other nude beaches in the area but I have yet to visit them. I guess I’ll just have to come back again.

Luv SF.jpg

Naked In San Francisco

San Francisco has to be one of the more liberal cities in the US. The city allows public nudity during certain events. One of these events is the Bay to Breakers road race in mid-May. It runs from the Embarcadero, which is the bay side of the city, to Ocean Beach on the Pacific side. Hence Bay to Breakers

Now who wouldn’t want to ride that Pedicab at the Embarcadero?

For some, the race is serious with elites racing for prize and glory and others for a personal effort. For most though it is one long party that is 12K or 7.9 miles to be exact. Runners and participants dress is costume and spectators have festivities going on along the route. Then there are the few who choose to do it sans clothing. Some will do it solo but there is a group that calls themselves Bare to Breaker who are easily identifiable on course by their fluorescent green caps as well as being naked.

Girl Looking
Trying to figure out what she’s looking at

Imagine walking almost 8 miles completely nude through one of the biggest, most well-known cities in the world. This was on my bucket list of things to do for a long time. Note that I said “was”. That’s because last year I took an opportunity to do the race while visiting SF.

Hillary got my vote
One thing that worried me was the weather. SF is known to be cold and cloudy. The days leading up to the race was just that plus some rain. On the morning of the race the clouds parted and the sun shone bright. I met the B2Ber’s at a predesignated spot near the start. Since this was my first time I wanted some company. We walked to the corrals to wait and the party started. Those I were with got naked right away. It was cold in the shadows of the buildings so I stayed dressed.

Who thought of tossing tortillas like Frisbees? We may never find out but it is a great way to pass time till the start. As soon as the coral in front of us started is when I finally bared myself. I was nervous as hell being surrounded by clothed and costumed runners but no one really seemed to pay much attention. Let me say that my anxiety level was maxing out. When we finally got into the sun I felt better. Still, walking naked in the middle of a crowd, with thousands of spectators lining the street was an experience of a lifetime.

LA Girl
LA Girl flashing more than a smile and a Hawaiian shaka

The Greek Olympians had it right, do it naked. But, physical activity does tend to tighten the guy parts up. Still, I had 2 ass slaps from women running past as well as numerous photo requests. People I met along the way were great and very open to my being nude. There were even nuns from Game of Thrones walking behind me ringing their bells chanting “Shame”. Some of the other nudies were in some sort of costume but I wanted to be au natural except for my hat and shoes.

Bird Woman seems very happy
The event was well run and when we got to Golden Gate Park the course felt a lot different. There were picnickers and people having fun, bands playing and a few weird nudies. One guy had a hard on and was pointing it towards the finish as if to say “go that way”. Another guy looked like Jesus and laid in the middle of the roadway so people had to go around him. After 3 ½  hours we finally got to the end. I really didn’t want to get dressed but put on my clothes to walk over to Bakers Beach. I’ll write about that another time.

This German girl was drunk and definitely my favorite.
Admittingly I am a bit of an exhibitionist. Not the trench coat perverted kind but I feel good when people see me as nature made me. I’m not ashamed of myself and prefer to be nude. I wanted to go again this year but plans didn’t allow it. If you as I do then you have to do this. I guaranty it’ll be an experience you’ll enjoy.

It was fun but ended too quickly

A hui hoe

Sand Island

Had some free time so asked my beach buddy if she wanted to go get some sun today. She needed to get home early so suggested Sand Island. I’ve been a couple of times by myself, she had never been.

There were some guys there. They usually sit in the naupaka or rock wind breakers. We set up the sportbrella and a wind screen. Frankly, we were the only ones out in the open.

The sand is really fine and there was a light breeze. The sun came out which brightened a cloudy day. The surf was small and tide was high. It felt good to go for a dip although I didn’t swim too far out. In the water there are some loose rocks in the sand near shore but a nice sandy area a little further out before reef.

A modest crowd roamed the beach. Only a few got nude. Naturally we were part of the few. I always thought it was a nice stretch of sand, I just never liked going solo like I do at Polo’s. So it’s nice to have someone to go with. Close to town means a shorter drive and more sand time. It’s not the same as Polo’s which will always be my “go to” place, but it’s a nice alternative.


A hui hou

My Time at Polo Beach


When I discovered Polo Beach, it wasn’t in the same stretch of sand it is now. Before Y2K, after going down the trail you would turn left towards the polo grounds, hence the name. I frequented the beach and even took my daughter when she was just a baby. After she was a few years older, my wife thought it wasn’t a good idea to practice nudity around her. I agreed because children will say anything to anyone and we weren’t sure how accepting our family and friends would be to our lifestyle.

I stopped going for a few years because of soccer games and triathlons. When I returned, I went to my familiar place. During my time away, a TV series started filming at or near the polo grounds and the nude section shifted to where it is now. Of course, I didn’t know that on the first day back and laid out in all my glory with no one around. People on horses would ride by and after some time I began to feel uneasy. I sensed something wasn’t right. Looking down the beach I could see people and umbrellas. Picking up my things, I moved and found the new hang out (pun intended).

Showing up solo and with board short tan lines, I’m sure the regulars viewed me as a newbie. In a sense, I was, but I was an experienced newbie. In time, I got to know folks and though I like to keep to myself, it’s nice to socialize too. My main time there is on the weekends. Occasionally I’ll find time during the week to go and it can be a different crowd and vibe.

Don’t trust the weather where you live. Even on the way to Polo’s it might seem crappy. The weather at the beach seems to defy what’s going on around the island. It can be sunny on the sand while you watch it rain everywhere else. Whatever the day, whatever the weather, it’s just nice to get out and relax.

A hui hou

Polo Beach Update – August 2016

I had arrived at Polo’s a few weeks ago and an employee had rode up on a golf cart just as I was about to undress. He tried to get a guy in a chair to cover up. I spoke to him and the nudist but he called it in. I didn’t stick around but the guy did cover before I left.

Golf Cart
He showed up with his daughter(?) and called into the police.

Hawai`i Naturist

Regular beach users are reporting that the manager of the nearby polo field is sending employees to ask nude beach goers to cover-up as well as complaining about beach nudity to the Honolulu Police Department (HPD).

This has resulted in recent HPD visits to the beach, and citations issued to nude beach goers who refused to cover-up.

Naturists and nudists continue to responsibly enjoy the beach; however, caution is advised.  Be on the lookout for suspicious people or police approaching and be prepared to cover-up bottoms as a precaution to avoid confrontations with HPD officers and possible citations.  Top-free for both genders should not be an issue at this city and county beach park.  Practice aloha and notify other beach users if you see anything suspicious.

Several beach users are contemplating legal action to challenge the harassment of nude beach goers and to protect the rights of naturist and nudist…

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Nudist Club

My beach buddy had invited me to a gathering that is hosted by a couple who started a nudist club. She told me they put on these events, usually at their home, about once a month. I’m not going to mention the couple’s name or the club because I never asked their permission to write about it. I liked the format they set up. They wanted to keep a one to one ratio of men to women so naturally couples got in as well as single women. Single men could sign up and would be “partnered” with a single woman if available.

The house was large in a well-to-do neighborhood. We were one of the first to arrive and I was impressed at the size of the back yard. It had a pool with a waterfall and two Jacuzzi’s. Lots of deck area to roam around and a designated smoking area. People brought their own alcohol although water and soft drinks were supplied. Eventually around 50 people showed up.

The median age was around 40 and most of the club members knew each other from attending these for the past several years. I saw a couple of familiar faces from the beach and one guy whose daughter played soccer with my daughter. He had been coming for a couple of years, I’m guessing around the time his wife passed away.

The day was hot and everyone spent time in the pool and under the waterfall.  I mingled a bit but mostly just watched the others. Just watching people having fun with others who were like minded. I noticed most of the fun was inside at the bar or over at the smoking section. Eventually we too ended up at the smoking section which wasn’t limited to cigarettes. 😉 I don’t partake but it was under a tent so I enjoyed the shade and people getting stoned. The party had a hippie theme and quite a few dressed up (or down if you prefer). There was music, massages and they even brought out avocado mud for people to put on.

I was surprised that quite a few of the people I met had never been to the nude beach. We talked to one gal and she mentioned that she will probably go the following weekend with a couple of her friends. That’s good because men always outnumber women at the beach. A few of us talked about going to Sand Island where there is a nude section but is generally frequented by guys. I had been a couple of times and it seems the guys are looking for some activity. We figured if a few of us started going regularly, we can change the vibe of the place and make it an alternative to driving to the North Shore.

Time had passed quickly and soon I had to leave. The party was going to run for a few more hours and the host was saying that’s usually when people are tipsy and a bit more “frivolous” with each other. My buddy and I didn’t stick around and really, that’s not why I went. I did sign up for their newsletters and got one about a nude sail that’ll happen in May. We had been talking about it at the party so we quickly signed up to get our spots. I’ll be writing about that afterwards for sure.

Turtle Rescue

Spending a day out with friend can be very relaxing. It was sunny, warm with just enough breeze to keep us from feeling like we’re in an oven. I was talking with a couple of friends who showed up late when we heard someone asking for a knife.

Turning our attention towards the water we saw a guy who was spear fishing and he is standing next to a turtle he brought ashore. The animal had fishing line or part of a net wrapped around its front two flippers and head. Part of the line was also in its mouth which lead me to believe it might have swallowed a hook.

I ran back to my truck and retrieved my knife. The fisherman began to cut away the line around the left flipper and neck. He got most of it but when looking at the right flipper, we could see it was deeply embedded and cutting through. He didn’t want to pull on it fearing he might cause more damage. Meanwhile I called the Turtle Rescue at NOAA and left a message.


Mystery Fisherman Cutting Line Off

The fisherman had to leave but another beach goer came and had a thinner bladed knife. He was able to get the most of the remaining line off but not from the mouth. Turtle Rescue called back and I told them where we were. She said she could be there with her supervisor in about 60-90 minutes. I had to leave before they got there so didn’t know the final outcome.

A couple days later I saw a friend who was there and she told me they came and picked up the turtle. He might lose his flipper but at least he’ll be cared for. They came with a policeman so everyone had to cover up. I never did tell them it was a nude beach 🙂

I’m glad things worked out and a big kudos to the fisherman for helping out an animal in distress. If he didn’t take action the turtle most likely wouldn’t have survived much longer. I’m only sorry I didn’t get his name to give him proper credit.

If you see a turtle needing help, please contact the Turtle Rescue On Oahu call (808) 725-5730 M-F 7:30-4pm or 286-4377 after hours or on weekends & holidays.

Makaleha Beach

Makaleha beach.

Makaleha is the Hawaiian name but its more commonly know as Polo beach. Located near the polo grounds on the North Shore of Oahu, it is the most established place for nudists. Beware though, just because it’s the most well-known, from a legal standpoint you can be sited under Hawaii’s current laws. Nudity in Hawaii runs a fine line and an ongoing battle exists to try and legalize areas for clothing optional users. The local news covered one such event.

Now I have my view on the subject but will wait to post it another time. For now though, let’s talk about the beach itself. Located about 150 yards off the main road the beach is fairly secluded. Nudism used to be closer to the polo grounds, hence the name. Back in 2004-2005 filming began for the Disney series Flight 29 Down. It was about a group of teens who crash landed on their way to Eco-adventure camp in the South Pacific. The main set was near the polo grounds which compromised the nudist who eventually moved several hundred yards down the beach to where they are now.

The beach fronts land owned by the state’s DLNR and is leased to a group who uses it to stable some horses. There are tall ironwood pines near the beach which can provide some shade should you get too hot. No bathrooms, water or trash there so please pack out what you bring in. Although others will clean your mess, you shouldn’t rely on them to do it for you.

Makaleha Beach

During the winter when the sun drops a bit south, the shadows from the trees make finding a sunny spot a bit more challenging especially when crowded. Add to that the large surf which will erode the beach making it a steeper pitch to the water. It isn’t too wide to begin with so people tend to huddle where the sun is.

In the summer with the gentler surf, the beach builds back up, the water is warmer and the sun is higher while staying out longer. Swimmers will see all types of reef fish and turtles. Even a resting monk seal has been seen here. Sky divers and small aircraft are a constant overhead because of the small airfield nearby.

Clothing is optional here and there are those who choose all types of dress or undress. No one is looked upon differently. Occasionally there is the wandering tourist who doesn’t realize there is a nude section. Some choose to turn around, others will continue and enjoy their stroll. People will look, that’s natural and ok. Don’t gawk perversely or try sneaking pictures. If you want a picture then make sure you get permission first, it’s the polite thing to do.

Because this is a more established nude beach, the regulars tend to ensure frivolous activities don’t take place. A bit further down is a section of the nude beach that is, well let’s just say it’s a mostly male section. There are naupaka bushes where some take liberties with the extra coverage. Those who do are trespassing on the DLNR land and their activities are not condoned by the land occupants nor the beach regulars. It is because of these types of people that nudist get an ill perceived reputation. I won’t pretend that sex doesn’t happen, it’s just that I personally haven’t seen it there.

Polo beach is like any other established nudist area. Keep it clean, keep it decent but most of all enjoy and relax, it’s only natural.

A Hui Hoe