What’s the Difference?

There has been some debate locally about a very negative news report regarding a home here that advertises nudist gatherings such as naked yoga. The issue comes from the parties that they have had and neighbors’ complaints. Public awareness has come from reports via the local news http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/38367928/naked-parties-at-honolulu-rental-trigger-eviction-city-investigation#.WzUoja9tz3k.email

According to neighbors, the parties allude to sexual gatherings. The person renting the home is in a social media group that I belong to. Although I do not know the person or have interacted with them, that person admits that it is a type of swinger & kink gathering but denies some of what had been reported.

I wanted to differentiate what we, as nudists, are compared to swingers & kinksters. Disclaimer; this is solely my opinion and I generalize in my thoughts.

Nudist are people in all fields of work and life who prefer to do the same things as others but without the clothing. We do not condone open sex or shocking others with our naturist lifestyles. We do not openly trade partners or engage in group ‘activities’. I won’t say that it doesn’t happen, just not with the type of people I hang with.

Swingers for the most part don’t prefer to be naked in social gatherings other than to participate in sexual activities. They too come from all walks of life but tend to be a bit more secretive of their life choices. Some swingers may practice nudism but not all nudists are swingers.

Kinksters are a bit more extreme when it comes to nudity and sex. They prefer to be more adventurous and at times, push the boundaries of tolerance. They would like to do things clothes free like nudist and I believe are a bit more into exhibitionism.

We know that nudism is not about sex but you can’t have sex without being (at least partly) nude. I believe the difference is about attitude and how things are viewed morally. This is not to say that one group is morally superior to another, it’s only how you value your lifestyle.

Bottom line is: do what makes you happy but not at the expense of others.

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