What a Year

Yesterday I kept up my annual tradition of spending the last day of the year at Polo Beach. I’ve been doing this for so many years now that I’ve lost count. It was a quiet day on the beach even though the weather was really nice. That’s typical when the last day falls on a weekday. If it’s the weekend like last year, the beach gets really crowded. I’m not sure which I like better, the solitude of a few friends or the ruckus of a big group.

Empty Beach
Nice day but empty beach.

Because there weren’t many people out I began to reflect on 2018. For the most part it was normal but, there are some things that stand out.

First was my trip down under. I spent a few days in Brisbane then Sydney. Not much nudity in Brisbane but Sydney was my main goal. I wanted to check out Cobblers Beach where nudity is legal. That was a bus ride and a short walk but very easy to find. While there, some locals told be about Wash Away Beach and pointed across the bay. This would be a more difficult beach to get to. The next day I took the ferry, bus and a 20 minute walk to the trail. Another 20 minutes gets you to the beach but you have to know what detour to take and how to get down the cliff.

Wash Away
Solitude at Wash Away

Meanwhile, back home the land owners were preparing to sell the land fronting Polo Beach. It was split into 4 separate parcels, each about 3-4 acres. It’s agriculture land so no homes going up. The survey found that part of the fence line was outside the boundary so they moved it back. When they did they left some broken metal posts which became a danger to barefooted beach goers. Only the tips were sticking out and they were like spears. We removed all that we knew about which totaled 11 by my count.

Broken Fence Post
Only the tip was sticking out of the sand

One of the lots is in escrow at this time and the buyer (from California?) didn’t realize it fronted a nude beach. We may have a fight coming but if he bought it sight unseen, or the realtor didn’t disclose it, then tough titty.

I got to go to Oakland for a few days last fall and they experienced an unusual warm spell. I took advantage of some time off and ventured to Baker Beach for some SF love.

In October I took a couple of days off to visit Maui with one thing in mind, visit a new beach I discovered on an earlier trip. I wont say where the beach is but it is beautiful and less crowded than the well-known Little Beach. Each time I’ve gone there were about a dozen locals there and it was a lot more mellow. I was supposed to meet my friends but they got preoccupied with visitors. I did spend some time with my BnB hostess so I wasn’t totally alone. The sand is fine and there isn’t any near shore reef to stub your feet on. It’s easy to get to and the nude section is at the far end of the photo below.

My Secret Beach
My new beach on Maui

We had a Christmas onesie party with my regular Polo group. Everyone dressed in a onesie pajama at our friend’s house and we hit the local bar. It was a blast and we cause some commotion walking to & from the bar. No naked time but still, the group is a lot of fun to be with.

The following day was a nude party at a large home near me. About 50-60 guests, all nude, swimming and partying at this “no sex allowed” event hosted by a gal that does this about once a month. It ended with a Sexy Santa gift exchange and quiet a bit of interesting packages were given out.

2018 was a great “nude” year for me and I’m planning some new adventures. Back to Maui is a given. I’m also hoping to do the Bay to Breakers race again. If you didn’t read my earlier blog, you can walk it nude which is a blast. Walking naked for 7+ miles through one of the most well-known cities was exciting. Personally, looking back at earlier photos of myself, I can see how much weight I’ve gained so my plan is to get back into a “speedo” body.  I hope 2019 brings you many nude memories. Whatever happens, I will write about it here, so stay tuned.

Polo Beach
Aloha from Paradise



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